To me, singing is all about honesty, truth, as well as understanding people and yourself. It is about the look and feel of moments in life. I get great joy when I sing. It is my biggest passion.


I have sung all my life. Since as far back as I can remember. My dad used to play a number of instruments, he felt music very well and he early introduced me to the world of music. I started performing in public at school, at the age of seven, and later I also sang in a school choir. But most of all I have constantly sung under my breath, which sometimes drove my family crazy;)


Over the last years I have taken part in some vocal workshops and many have told me I should sing to a wider audience. I have performed on a few stages and really enjoyed the way I could connect to people and their feelings. Recently I have started writing more songs of mine, mostly nostalgic, with a lot of emotions. I treat every song as a challenge and an opportunity to get to know myself and other people better.


Everybody wants to be someone, but so few want to be their true selves.
I like spending time with sensitive, creative people. It is also nature that inspires me. I like uniting with particular elements of my environment and exchanging feelings. I need time to define my emotions, which are rather undefinable, and contemplation about them often brings me to surprising conclusions. My dear people and fans, who believe in me, hearten me and motivate me the most in the creative process. Because of them singing is for me something more than a simple word framed in melody.